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Spa of Eden brings health & relaxation to you.



Spa of Eden offers many various facial treatments, as there's no "one cure for all." Get a free consultation from Lana and find exactly what your skin needs.

Hair Removal


Hair removal is a delicate and personal service, that requires the utmost respect and care. Meet our professional staff and choose from a wide variety of services.

IPL - Elight


Spa of Eden is pleased to offer the latest in laser hair removal technology. Lana offers a free consultation if you have any questions.



"A massage should not hurt. In fact, we will wake you up after it's done."

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The Spa of Eden is a fantastic place to go and get a massage. I can’t emphasize enough what a wonderful job Lana does with just the right amount of pressure that she uses. You will come away feeling like you are ready to take on anything. Just be aware that the massage is so relaxing that it might put you to sleep. Once you go there you won’t want to go anywhere else.